Organic Olive Oils

The world of culinary delights, few ingredients rival the exquisite taste and health benefits of organic olive oils. Within this realm, Ayvaco stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a range of meticulously crafted products that redefine the notion of premium quality.

Discovering Ayvaco's Essence

At the heart of Ayvaco's allure lies its commitment to authenticity and purity. Their organic olive oils are not just products; they are a testament to generations of expertise and a deep-rooted connection to the land.

Aegean Coast of West Turkey

Ayvaco's journey begins along the picturesque shores of the Aegean coast of west Turkey, where the Ayvalik varietal reigns supreme. This native olive variety thrives in the region's fertile soil and temperate climate, imbuing oils with a uniquely mild and bright flavor profile.

Traditional Harvesting Methods

The magic of Ayvaco's organic olive oils lies in the age-old traditions that govern their production. Each fall, skilled hands carefully harvest the olives using time-honored techniques, ensuring that only the finest fruits make their way into the pressing process.

Preserving Freshness: Cold Extraction

The essence of Ayvaco's oils is captured through cold extraction, a process that preserves the olives' natural flavors and nutritional integrity. By cold-pressing the fruit within hours of harvesting, guarantees a product of unparalleled freshness and quality.

Organic Farming Practices

Our dedication to purity extends beyond just its products—it's a way of life. Their organic olive oils are the result of meticulous farming practices that eschew synthetic chemicals and pesticides in favor of sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.

Ensuring Quality: Independent Lab Analysis

Transparency is paramount at Ayvaco. Every batch of organic olive oil undergoes rigorous testing at an International Olive Council-approved lab, ensuring compliance with strict quality standards and guaranteeing the absence of detectable pesticides.

Embracing Versatility: The Perfect Kitchen Companion

Our olive oils are more than just condiments; they're indispensable culinary companions. With their mild flavor and versatile nature, they elevate dishes of all kinds, from salads to stir-fries, with a touch of Mediterranean elegance. Moreover, choosing organic olive oil over regular varieties not only enhances the taste but also ensures a healthier option for you and your loved ones. Discover why organic olive oil is superior to regular olive oil.

Preserving Freshness: Proper Storage

To savor the full essence of olive oils, proper storage is essential. Keep your bottles tightly sealed in a cool, dark place, away from light, heat, and oxygen, to ensure maximum freshness and flavor retention.

Sealing the Deal: Shipping Information

We understands the importance of prompt and reliable service. Orders are swiftly dispatched within 1-2 business days, carefully packaged in corrugated boxes to safeguard against damage during transit, ensuring that your culinary journey with Ayvaco begins without delay.

In Conclusion

In a world saturated with options, Ayvaco's organic olive oils stand out as a beacon of purity, quality, and authenticity. From the sun-kissed groves of the Aegean coast to your kitchen table, let Ayvaco be your guide to a culinary adventure like no other.

What people are saying about our products


This olive oil is so clearly of the purest standard...The notes are so bright and leaves such a delightful aftertaste! Your new favorite olive oil.

Jamie F.

New York


Ayvaco oil perfectly enhances the flavors of the foods you’re cooking, without weighing them down at all. It’s so fresh and smooth! I couldn’t recommend the product more!

Chelsea W.



Ayvaco has opened my eyes to the stark difference in olive oil quality! This product has become a must have in my kitchen and I will continue buying for myself and for gifts! From cooking to dipping bread, it’s delicious!

Taylor B.



I’d be hard pressed to find another EVOO that delivers this level of quality and transparency at this price point.

Stephen C.

New York


This oil makes crowd-pleasing baked goods: rich, but not heavy cakes, and moist and chewy but not greasy, cookies + more...Use this instead of butter, shortening, and other oils and fats for better texture, flavor, and health in baking without breaking the bank.

Rachel A.

New York