high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil
We all deserve
Better Olive Oil

We believe that fresh extra virgin olive oil should be accessible to more food lovers. Much of the olive oil in the market is mass produced - defined by blends of oil from different countries, olive types, and harvest years with few connections to the original olive growers. Many olive producers are incentivized to prioritize oil yield over quality as they sell their product on to large industrial refining and bottling companies who produce retail and wholesale olive oil at scale.

Ayvaco is seasonally produced only from olives grown on our family and partners' groves in the bay area of Ayvalik-Edremit. We never blend, refine, or dilute our olive oil with a previous year's harvest. We promise exceptional oil because we produce organically and control each step of the manufacturing, ensuring that the product you receive is the same our family has enjoyed for generations.

Our approach
Quality First

Our extra virgin is produced exclusively with olives from our family's groves and in collaboration with other like-minded families in the region who grow their olives organically on generational farms. Olives are hand selected each season at the perfect ripeness to ensure a balance of flavor and high antioxidant content in the resulting oil.

In the autumn months, the fruit is delivered to our partner mill within hours of harvesting and crushed daily to guarantee low acidity and maximum polyphenol content.

The result is an exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting olive oil that our community has celebrated for generations. We are thrilled to be able to share it with you today.

Ayvalik Cunda Island
A town shaped by
Olive Cultivation

Ayvaco comes from AyvalΔ±k, a sunny Mediterranean port town on the western shores of Turkey, in the region where olive trees were first domesticated thousands of years ago.

The geography of the bay area of Ayvalik-Edremit - which is defined by the Aegean Sea in the west and surrounded by the Ida Mountains to the Northeast - creates ideal climate conditions which gave rise to the olive variety native to the region.

The Ayvalik olive variety grows on over 2.5 million trees in the bay and has been a primary driver of economic development in the area for hundreds of years. A unique olive type with high oil content, it has its own distinct taste and aroma - a perfectly balanced, delicate olive oil with a slight peppery sensation at the back of throat that comes from its high antioxidant content.