EVOO Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is more than just a kitchen staple; it's a testament to quality and tradition. Known for its mild flavor and versatility, EVOO is a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. Whether you are dressing a salad, drizzling over pasta, or using it for sautéing, EVOO olive oil enhances the taste of any dish. But not all olive oils are created equal. Let's explore what sets Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil apart from the rest.

The Unique Qualities of Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil

Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted with care and passion. Produced solely from the Ayvalik varietal, native to the Aegean coast of west Turkey, this EVOO offers a uniquely mild and bright flavor profile. Our olive oil is organically produced, ensuring that every drop you use in your cooking is pure and free from harmful chemicals.

The Journey from Grove to Table

The journey of Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil begins in our family-owned groves. Each fall, olives are harvested using traditional methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maintaining the integrity of the fruit. Within hours of harvesting, the olives are cold extracted. This quick processing ensures low acidity, high antioxidant content, and guaranteed freshness. The result is an EVOO with a free fatty acidity of just 0.6, well below the international legal limit of 0.8 for EVOO.

Health Benefits of Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil

One of the significant advantages of Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil is its health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and low in acidity, our olive oil supports heart health and reduces inflammation. The high antioxidant content helps combat free radicals, promoting overall well-being. Additionally, our independent International Olive Council-approved lab analysis confirmed zero detectable pesticides in the 2023-2024 harvest, making Ayvaco EVOO a safe and healthy choice for your family.

Versatility in the Kitchen

Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil is your perfect kitchen companion. Its mild flavor makes it ideal for a wide range of culinary applications. Use it to enhance the taste of your salads, pasta, and grilled vegetables. Its high smoke point also makes it suitable for sautéing and light frying. The versatility of Ayvaco EVOO ensures that you can use it in both everyday cooking and gourmet recipes.

Packaging and Storage

We offer Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil in various sizes to suit your needs. Choose from a 250ml, 500ml, or 750ml bottle, a 3-liter tin, or a beautifully packaged gift box. Each unit is carefully packaged in corrugated boxes to protect the items during transit. To maintain the quality of your EVOO, store it tightly sealed in a cool, dark place away from light, heat, and oxygen.

Shipping Information

At Ayvaco, we understand the importance of timely delivery. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, ensuring that you receive your EVOO Olive Oil promptly. Our shipping boxes are designed to protect your order from damage during transit, so you can enjoy the same freshness and quality that we guarantee from our groves to your table.

About Ayvaco

Ayvaco is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Our commitment to organic farming and traditional harvesting methods ensures that every bottle of Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil is pure, fresh, and bursting with flavor. Experience the difference that dedication and passion can make in every drop of Ayvaco EVOO.

In conclusion, Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just an ingredient; it's a celebration of tradition, health, and exceptional taste. Elevate your cooking with Ayvaco EVOO and discover the difference of a truly premium product. Order your Ayvaco EVOO Olive Oil today and bring the authentic taste of the Aegean coast to your kitchen.

What people are saying about our products


This olive oil is so clearly of the purest standard...The notes are so bright and leaves such a delightful aftertaste! Your new favorite olive oil.

Jamie F.

New York


Ayvaco oil perfectly enhances the flavors of the foods you’re cooking, without weighing them down at all. It’s so fresh and smooth! I couldn’t recommend the product more!

Chelsea W.



Ayvaco has opened my eyes to the stark difference in olive oil quality! This product has become a must have in my kitchen and I will continue buying for myself and for gifts! From cooking to dipping bread, it’s delicious!

Taylor B.



I’d be hard pressed to find another EVOO that delivers this level of quality and transparency at this price point.

Stephen C.

New York


This oil makes crowd-pleasing baked goods: rich, but not heavy cakes, and moist and chewy but not greasy, cookies + more...Use this instead of butter, shortening, and other oils and fats for better texture, flavor, and health in baking without breaking the bank.

Rachel A.

New York