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Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Harvested Oct/Nov 2022 in Ayvalik-Edremit, Turkey.
  • Straight from our groves to your home, Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a uniquely mild and bright olive oil produced solely from the Ayvalik varietal native to the Aegean coast of west Turkey. 
  • The perfect kitchen companion – extra virgin, organically produced, family owned, and most importantly - mild and versatile for everyday cooking. 
  • Harvested via traditional methods each fall and cold extracted within hours of harvesting to ensure low acidity, high antioxidant content, and guaranteed freshness. 
  • Grown on family farms that practice organic farming methods. This winter 2022-2023 harvest had zero detectable pesticides in an independent International Olive Council-approved lab analysis. 
  • Free Fatty Acidity: <0.6 (International legal limit for EVOO is 0.8)
  • Polyphenol content: 262 mg/kg (at time of bottling)

Please store tightly sealed in a cool, dark place away from light, heat and oxygen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Peter Dishaw
Perfect size!

If you're reading this then obviously olive oil sits on the counter next to the oven and the stove. I think this is the perfect size for daily use. Highly recommend it. Enjoy.

Titilayo Morgan
Amazing Product

The Olive Oil is amazing and has a great taste. In addition, the company has superior customer service!

Bren D
My favorite

My allergies require me to research all of the foods and products in my kitchen, searching for hidden ingredients (soy, wheat, corn) that can be covertly found in the majority of grocery store items. But with Ayvaco, I don't have to worry. This company, with local connections, doesn't cut their oil with other ingredients -- so it's safe for me and my family to use daily.
We all love the taste and quality. I buy it for extended family as well and everyone agrees that it's the best.
It's our go-to olive oil. Thank you, Ayvaco, for producing such a pure and quality product.

Our Pantry Staple

A vital part of our diet essential to most of our recipes. Fabulous quality and taste.

The Ayvaco olive oil is truly magical

The Ayvaco olive oil is a true culinary masterpiece, bursting with captivating aromas and flavors that tantalize the senses. My family has fallen in love with this oil, and when I gifted it to a dear friend, her husband - who has a serious medical condition and a restricted diet - exclaimed, "This oil is truly amazing, I can actually eat this!" as he relished it on bread. His wife was so impressed that she immediately purchased two more bottles of this heavenly oil through me. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience such an extraordinary product at an affordable price and will continue to purchase it again and again. Thank you, Ayvaco, for creating such a remarkable oil.