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Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Harvested Oct/Nov 2021 in Ayvalik-Edremit, Turkey.
  • Straight from our groves to your home, Ayvaco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a uniquely mild and bright olive oil produced solely from the Ayvalik varietal native to the Aegean coast of west Turkey. 
  • The perfect kitchen companion – extra virgin, organically produced, family owned, and most importantly - mild and versatile for everyday cooking. 
  • Harvested via traditional methods each fall and cold extracted within hours of harvesting to ensure low acidity, high antioxidant content, and guaranteed freshness. 
  • Grown on family farms that practice organic farming methods. This winter 2021-2022 harvest had zero detectable pesticides in an independent International Olive Council-approved lab analysis. 
  • Free Fatty Acidity: <0.5 (International legal limit for EVOO is 0.8)
  • Polyphenol content: 293 mg/kg (at time of bottling)

Ayvaco is packaged in dark green bottles with large dark labels intentionally chosen to protect the oil from light, heat, and oxygen - the enemies of olive oil. Please always store your items tightly sealed in a cool, dry and dark place away from light, heat and oxygen.

Your orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days in double corrugated boxes that protect the items from damage in transit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
George C Porter

Originally bought one 500m/l bottle at local farmers market. Liked it so much I bought another a week or so later. Recently purchased my second 12 pack of 500m/l bottles. It is so light you can use it to cook anything. It is very good even as a salad dressing. Easy to tell that it is very high quality. We have gifted it to a number of our friends, who have also liked it very much.

Jaime L Fedele
Beyond excellence

This olive oil is so clearly of the purest standard. I started purchasing at our local farmer’s market last year and I can never go back to generic olive oil again! All the olives come from their family farm in Turkey and you can tell how much quality is considered through every step of the process. The notes are so bright and leaves such a delightful aftertaste! Your new favorite olive oil.

Christophe Orlicz
works for us

tastes great. Usually used incooking.

Michael J Cusano

Ayvaco Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - 16.9fl oz.

Peggy L.

I’ve bought Ayvaco olive oil twice at our local Farmers’ Market and have used it as my go-to oil for both cooking and salad dressings. It has a nice flavor, not too peppery for delicate salads. A good high-quality oil from a small company. I’ll definitely purchase it again.