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Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monovarietal, cold extracted evoo produced organically on small family farms in the Aegean, delivered straight to your door.

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A thoughtful and exquisite selection perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Our brand takes pride in offering single variety, single sourced EVOO from our family groves, flavorful seasonings, and beautifully handcrafted olive wood utensils. Ideal for foodies who love to cook with fresh, high quality ingredients, Ayvaco products are a true culinary delight. Give the gift of exceptional taste and craftsmanship with Ayvaco where every product is made with care and tradition.Β Β 

We bring better olive oil to the table

Our family promises to deliver authentic, fresh EVOO to food lovers directly from the source at grocery store prices. We aim to cut out the middle men who dominate the industry and ensure that the olive oil you receive is the same that our family and community have enjoyed for generations. Ayvaco isΒ olive oil you can feel good about: single-sourced, single variety, and always produced and distributed exclusively by our family and partners.

Ayvalik olive oil


Much of the olive oil in the market is mass produced with few connections to the original olive growers. Ayvaco is single-sourced, single-variety, cold pressed extra virgin produced exclusively from our family and partners' groves in the northern Aegean coast of Turkey.

single estate olive oil


Many brands do not indicate olive type, harvest date, or where exactly the olives in the bottle were grown. Our oil comes only from our family and partners' groves and we list the harvest date on every bottle, so you know what you are getting, every time you buy.

organic olives

Organically Produced

Our family and partners practice traditional organic farming methods passed down for generations. Unlike many industrial olive oil companies, we never use pesticides or herbicides on our olive trees. Our oil is never processed with heat or chemicals - simply crushed and spun from the olive fruit before going into the bottle.

Straight from the source
A Family Affair

Unlike many olive oil brands today, we actually own and labor in our olive fields. We take pride in sharing our EVOO directly with food lovers, cutting out the middlemen who dominate the olive oil market.

A unique olive variety
Mild and Versatile

There are hundreds of olive varieties out there. Ayvaco is produced solely from the Ayvalik-Edremit olive type native to the Aegean coast of Turkey. A perfectly-balanced, delicate EVOO, it can be used every day in place of other oils in your cooking. Fresh, smooth, and bright, it enhances the natural flavors of food without being overly bitter, pungent, and fruity.

Don't take our word for it


This olive oil is so clearly of the purest standard...The notes are so bright and leaves such a delightful aftertaste! Your new favorite olive oil.

Jamie F.

New York


Ayvaco oil perfectly enhances the flavors of the foods you’re cooking, without weighing them down at all. It’s so fresh and smooth! I couldn’t recommend the product more!

Chelsea W.



Ayvaco has opened my eyes to the stark difference in olive oil quality! This product has become a must have in my kitchen and I will continue buying for myself and for gifts! From cooking to dipping bread, it’s delicious!

Taylor B.



I’d be hard pressed to find another EVOO that delivers this level of quality and transparency at this price point.

Stephen C.



Amazing product. I buy it by the case and give it as gifts.

Susan A.



I tried Ayvaco based on a recommendation from a friend, who insisted it was the best olive oil ever. I have to say I was surprised and he was right. It’s different than other oils and it truly enhances the taste of my food. Fry an egg in it, and you will be convinced.

Michael G.

New York


I love this oil! I use it for all my cooking and salad dressings. It's mild flavor goes with everything. It's the only oil I buy now. I love the dark glass bottle too.

Leslie L.

New York


Very smooth/light taste. We appreciate the staff and their story as well!

Anthony L.

New York


Hands down BEST olive oil I've ever tasted! Everyone that's tasted it in my circle of friends and family LOVES IT! The owners are amazing and have exceptional customer service!


North Carolina

Fresh olive oil

elevate your everyday cooking with

Fresh EVOO

Fresh olive oil will elevate your cooking while providing proven health benefits not found in refined alternatives. Not just for drizzling, Ayvaco is a mellow oil that enhances, rather than masks, the flavors in your meals.


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