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Mediterranean and Anatolian Olive Oil Seasonings

Ayvaco Seasoning Duo

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Meet our new seasonings! The Mediterranean - a classic herby and garlicky blend with a kick of spice and The Anatolian - a warm and earthy blend with just a touch of heat. Enjoy both with our family's fresh olive oil and piece of crusty bread, or as a salad dressing, on vegetables, potatoes, and more.

The Duo contains full sized jars of Mediterranean and Anatolian Olive Oil Seasonings. A perfect gift option under $30 to treat friends and family who love experiencing new flavors.

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Customer Reviews

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A Symphony of Flavor: Transforming Meals with Ayvaco's Olive Oil and Special Spice Blend

Discovering Ayvaco's olive oil was a culinary revelation for me, but their latest release of a special spice blend has elevated my cooking experience to new heights. As an avid fan of their already exquisite olive oil, I was eager to try this harmonious pairing. The moment of truth came with a classic dish in our household: a simple yet delicious peperoncino pasta.

The Ayvaco olive oil alone has always brought a depth of flavor to my dishes, but the addition of their perfectly matched spice blend took the taste to an unprecedented level. With just a sprinkle, my usual pasta transformed into a gourmet delight, as if by magic. The spice blend enhanced the natural flavors of the olive oil, creating a symphony of taste that was both rich and nuanced.

Each bite was a journey through a landscape of flavor, where the robustness of the olive oil met the delicate, well-crafted notes of the spice blend. It was more than just a meal; it was an experience that tantalized my taste buds and left me savoring every moment.

For anyone who appreciates the finer things in culinary arts, Ayvaco's olive oil and special spice blend is not just an addition to your kitchen; it's an essential. It elevates ordinary meals to extraordinary feasts and makes every dining experience a celebration of flavor. Highly recommended for those who seek to transform their cooking into an art form.

Sandra W.

Love the combination of spices…I’ve been mixing with olive oil for bread dipping! YUM